murals, illustrations and design items

In co-operation with studioBaron graphic design, Danah creates visual content for a broad range of purposes.
My origional paintings are used as for brochures, decoration of interiors, websites etc.
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Decorations Dancing of party boats

Boot-10-decors21Together with studioBaron, Danah created artwork for murals and light boxes on this modern party cruisers

Van Straaten printers asked for design and art direction for their presentation at the "Horeca relatie dagen" te Gorinchem Netherlands

danah_vanstraaten2Together with studioBaron, Danah created artwork, and determinded the "retro - look- and - feel" for this tradeshow booth

Images were created, scanned and manupilated, and printed on mega printing machines to show all van Straaten printing solutions

danah_vanstraaten4The event was aimed at profesional entrepeneurs in the Hotel Restaurant and Cafe business, it was a lot of fun and; this booth was by far the most outstanding of the show

danah_mural_haaarlemPainting for a childrens bedroom in Haarlem
approx. 500 x 150 cm

dancefloor wall, Party cruiser “BOOT” Amsterdam the Netherlands computer manupilated drawing, painted-in-templates 280 x 250 cm

restaurant wall “Tropics” Miami South Beach USA hand painted mixed media 800 x 400 cm

danah's artwork printed on all interior objects
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danah's artwork printed on all interior objects
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original painted teapot

danah's artwork printed on all interior objects
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